Wednesday, 22 April, 2009

Saving the best for the last

Thinking makes me weak
thinking makes me numb
with all the thinking i've been doing
thinking has only made me dumb! :(

am tired of thinking about... almost anything and everything these days! there's nothing that skips my funny brain. i think about me, i think about my future, i think of all thats in store... i think of elvis, i think of my parents, i think of muffin more often and think of having him close... i think of the good old days, think of those not-too-good days and still think why i think of these things. yet, i sit here, writing down whatever shit comes to my head and wonder why on earth do i even attempt at writing a blog???? something to think about eh? :D i know, probably most of you all must be thinking the same thing too!

ok i have this weird feeling that i'm gonna miss my crucial moment of figuring out when exactly will i know am ready for labor... and it completely freaks me out. i've been researching on the symptoms and signs of having labor and all that comes before that (ill save the trouble of mentioning those terms and processes here just in case it freaks you out as well, esp for the newly weds and not wedded ones!) one more week and my baby will be full term, or that's what i read on the net, which means its safe to bring the baby in to this world. i need not necessarily wait for full 40-41 weeks for delivery. good lord, how i wish humans had lesser gestational phase... i pity the elephants :O!!

so i was saying... things are moving real fast and i still cant believe i've come all the way to this point and now i cant wait any longer for the d-day! ok the honest confessions are: one, am tired of carrying my weight all around, two my butt and legs ache if i sit or stand or do anything for a little longer, three, the heat is not just getting into my head but also doing enough damage physically. i get so freaking restless that its jus impossible to cope up with the amount of sweating and to consider that i've gotta wait for a coupla more weeks really drives me wild. my feet look like two cotton candies and i feel like a clown walking with it.. hehe.. its quite funny actually and i've begun waddling like a duck everytime i try 'walking'. there's something i miss terribly and that's sleeping on my tummy :( gosh, i cant even stand against a wall if i need to take a look at something. i so feel like curling up like a millipede and snug away to lalaland... hummphhh, those days!!!! and i'm told to sleep as much as i can before the baby arrives... yeah right!!! oh btw, one good thing that has happened is that my hair just feels lovely... not been having any hairfall and its growing voluminously well and it feels really good. touch wood! i'm also told i'd be losing them all soon enough :( all good things come to an end i suppose!! nevertheless, i'm saving the best for the last... cos i know that there wouldnt be anything more important than the baby! :)

so that's about the rantings from this soon-to-be-mom. i really dont know whether i'd be able to post another blog before i step into the hospital... cos you see i'll be off from work from May, so that leaves me with just 6 days of free internet usage at office :P i'm gonna miss this one for sure!! but i might (you never know) post another blog if boredom takes over... so long guys, its tatas, muahs and hugs to all of you. wish me luck and pls pray that everything goes fine. i need all your blessings and prayers now :) thanks in advance. will keep you all posted! :)


My Kitchen Antics said...

snee...i brought on goosebumps. U must be super duper excited alle? Wished i could have been there. But do post pics and be a brave momma..muah!

Blindwreck said...

sure babe... will do :) i am excited and quite apprehensive as well...not too sure how to react :D jus taking it by a day! yeah really wish you guys were all here! will keep u posted... muahsss

Nikhil Menon said...

rantings of a soon-to-be mom.. nice.. :) saaramailla nne..jus two more weeks na?? thopugh these symptoms go tangentialy above my head,I can sense ur having fun.. :d

Take care sista.. :)


Jane said...

Loved this post. Hope this comment goes thru. Babe I wish you and E all the best - am super excited for you both and can't wait to see the blessing that has graced your lives.

Blindwreck said...

thanks mon! am sure having fun and freaking out too at the same time! hope everything goes smooth... u tc too :)

Blindwreck said...

aww jane,
thanks hun! u brought me a smile :) i really cant wait to see the baby myself, its just getting too boringly long. ahem! anyways drop by when u come down..k? :) tc muahs

Pointblank said...

hey hey hey... sne babe... last few days alle and ur gonna be a mom!! wow!!! will pray for u dear :) and send a current pic of urs na.. upload it on orkut/.. just wanna see how u look with ur cotton candy legs!!!

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

sne... m late here u kno y i v been travelin around .. but i ll b the first to c ur baby... now stop writing the negatives cos u never kno the next gen will b on the net even b4 kindergarden and baby-sne will b readin ur blog sooner than we think :)

Blindwreck said...

yeah last few days babe! thrilled!!
i dont have an account on orkut but let me see if i can get an exclusive pic of my legs alone! :P thanks a lot :)

Blindwreck said...

u're right! but am sure my baby will understand me to the T as to what am going through... but yeah i guess i should stop writing anything negative anymore. i'm killing myself in a way! thanks de... will be much better from now on :) muahs