Tuesday, 31 March, 2009

My Last Glorious Days

Whoa!! I cant believe I'm just 49 days or maybe lesser from the d-day!! Absolutely thrilling at the thought of me lying on the labor room, probably screaming at the top of my voice too. And to realise that the day isnt too far away. I feel there's so much pending to do... havent bought a thing for the baby and that is highly depressing (atleast for me!). el thinks we need to wait until the delivery... so that he can enjoy doing the shopping alone, bah!!! i've tried conveying the message right into his head through my mom and sis... (*evil grin*) c'mon what more can i do when he just doesnt wanna listen to me! I'm here dying to start shopping for the lil one... imagine, those tiny dresses, socks, caps, towels.... awww!! i really need to shake him up a bit this month, before its too late! hmmphh...

Yes, coming back to the pending works... we are yet to decide on the name n u wont believe that he tells me that can be done once the baby's born! i'm wondering whether anything at all will be decided or done before??? i'm already going paranoid thinking about what's coming up and nothing seems to be helping me a bit! is that how things normally work with couples, or are we just being uniquely poles apart?!! whatever!! i dont seem to be liking the idea anyway!

As of now, i'm fighting away my nights tossing and turning in the bed and mind it, it aint a bit easy, and i wake me up everytime i turn to the other side. gosh, the weight shifts on your back completely and i feel like a mammoth! and those visits to the loo... nature has it very weird way of preparing you for sleepless nights that's yet to come! But honestly, amazing isnt the word! I’m sure my baby’s gonna be a sweetheart... she’s gonna give me enough rest and less trouble. Hopefully. Amen!!

Wednesday, 11 March, 2009

There I go again!!

Yeah yeah i know i know!........
Dont remind me guys! i'm at my mom's place now and so no access to net (not exactly) ... its just that after a whole day in front of the comp i just dont feel like sitting in front of another one after i get back home, which is around 8 at night. i should be getting my laptop soon and let's hope (yeah right!) that i should be able to scribble down something or the other once in a while (whether or not i get to post it :D) hmmm!!!

Into the last phase of my pregnancy and i really dont wanna comment about it. all i can say is i'm at the peak of wild mood swings and emotional rollercoasters!!! i just dont stick to a phase and thats killing! i've almost forgotten what its like to be pleasant and smiling and u know... generally being nice! urgh i hate this!

interest in doing anything? - almost nil
wanting to do anything? yeah but refer to the previous point
anxiety? - tons n loads
calm mindset? - in the train when am returning home after work, prob'ly?
irritated? - hmm u dont wanna know!

actually, i'm all on the negative phase of pregnancy than being on the positive side and thats really bad! for a fact that pregnancy was supposed to be a 'pleasant' and 'wonderful' experience, i just dunno why things take the other way round in my case alone!!! f*#$ing s&*t!!! no seriously, can i have a break, pls??? marriage was a hurry-burry thing which left little time for me to bask in the glory and enjoy it thoroughly... and now this! i'm getting to hate it, i swear!!

things jus seem to keep on taking the same kinda twist... weird!

actually this post wasnt meant to be here but what the heck and who cares! Duh!