Thursday, 6 March, 2008

Remembering you!

The pain’s creeping all over my skin
I wash it away but the tears leave a stain
Do you remember me? Do you remember us?
But I remember your smile that spoke of pain

What have you done? Where did you go?
Why is there such silence in your breath?
Why have you left a scar in my heart?
It now bleeds and aches, do you call this death?

I tremble and toil with my surrogate thoughts
Tell me do you hear me, or am I alone again?
There is no way out and there are no doubts
I’ll leave you now, and in your thoughts I’ll drain.

Tuesday, 4 March, 2008

The eights of my so-far life!

Alright! Here I am, tagged by the lovely bubble girl Neetu. I have tried to justify (to the max) all the eights. Neet, get a bigger number next time girl, eight’s just too small. And you know what, eight is a bad number, I don like it anymore. ;-)

Anyway, here are my two cents.


Dancing: My all time passion but just never had enough of it.

Watches: Oh yeah baby! That goes from the local picks to Giordano. I still have a long list of brands pending. :D

Colors: In any form, in any shade – they continue to inspire me.

Collecting pics of my loved ones –
I still have my 8th std friend’s passport size pic.

My love: You can be free to interpret whatever it means. :)

The little gifts from my loved ones: I really adore and cherish them, and am very passionate about it.

The intimacy I share: Naa, I won’t get further on this! ;-)

Writing – Should I say so? I guess I am after all beginning to love writing.

EIGHT THINGS I WANT TO DO BEFORE I DIE (In no particular order):

Gawd! There’s a whole long list of things I wanna do before I die and I already have a feeling the latter is closer than the former! :( Anyway since am tagged, ill go by the rules! But hey am gonna be absolutely honest here… so excuse my French, and German, and Russian… and whatever!! Here it goes:

Learn a musical instrument and play it to heart’s content
– I’ve always wanted to play a violin, and a piano too.

Smoke up weed, properly – Yeah, I really wanna try it once! Get real high and experience the feel of it first hand! :D

Dance my heart out on stage in front of thousands of people – I’ve already forgotten how to move! Shit!

Send my parents on a world tour, all expenses paid (Neet, this one’s from you) – I really wish I could do it sooner.

Attend a huge musical/rock fest and lose myself completely – Iron Maiden and Metallica, please keep performing guys – someday, someday!

Learn a foreign language and be fluent enough to converse – I was a disaster in class 11 trying to learn French. :(

Adventurous treks and explore exotic destinations – The art of traveling is one thing am planning to develop; I hardly get a chance though! Damn!

Ride a Bullet/Harley (and probably own one) – I developed this craze from my earlier office where I was handling this client Royal Enfield and used to read hundreds of trip stories posted by so many riders. I always wanted to do it. One day!


Fuck you

What the…


Oh shit!

Yeah right!

Hehe / thu



** Shit, I don’t have one decent thing to say, well yeah other than muah maybe :D!! My god!


I have almost forgotten what a book looks like now! Haven’t touched a book for ages, so my list is gonna be quite prehistorical, and yes am not an avid reader too!

India smiles

Men are from mars, women are from venus

Da vinci code

Not a penny more, not a penny less

The fountainhead

The client

If tomorrow comes

A lot of mills & boons and lots of other crap


Some are all time favs, some keep changing but definitely eight is just too less a number, c’mon!

Crawling - Linkin Park (both original track and reanimation)

Nothing else matters – Metallica

The unforgiven - Metallica

The nomad – Iron Maiden

Arabu naade – Thottal Poo Malarum

Kya kahe kya naa kahe – Rangeela

Pehla nasha – Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar

A huge list of Michael Jackson songs


Not opinionated

Non judgmental

Someone who can laugh a lot

Someone who really understands

Someone who can just look at me and say am gone and still hold me dear

Someone who can just walk into my house and wake me up from my sleep

Those who can appreciate themselves

Someone who is very open

Eight people I think should do this tag

I guess by the time I post this, all the people in my friends list would have taken their turn. So whoever is left out… kindly do the needful, pls! :D