Thursday, 9 August, 2007

Well well well...

Am coming, Washington! :P

'Motorcycle Diaries - part 2', yeah maybe but dying tragically on a mountain, :O NOWAY!!

Wednesday, 8 August, 2007

A silent prayer!

Help me help, lord!

Why are people so depressed?
God, I’ve jus recovered myself
and I can’t take my loved ones suffering like this now
I wanna help; I wanna be there for them
I wanna make them feel good
I wanna make them feel things will be alright
My love, I can’t see u like this baby
I’m there for you…
I know what happened before has affected you a great deal
But somewhere I thought things will be fine
Now over and over I just see people depressed everywhere
Lord, give me the strength to be for them
Be with them and take away their pain
I can’t see my loved ones like this
Cos I know how it hurts
And how it takes away everything we cherished in life
Pls god, this time, hear me out
I want everyone to be happy, for themselves, for me
There’s so much love and so little to share
Let there be abundant love abundant sharing
Let no one feel lonely, feel dejected and depressed
Lord, help me heal them
Help me love them unconditionally and cure their pain
Give me the strength lord
To love and be loved, unconditionally!