Monday, 18 June, 2007

Where do i begin now?

My thoughts are shattered
and words are broken
my mind's numb and heart's sore
tired of pretentious faces
my eyes search for the truth
my hands are reaching for you
there's blinding light upon my face
but there's just darkness inside,
where have i lost it all
where do i begin now

I see my silent stranger there
and hear the sweet whisper in my dreams
i open my eyes and see the perfect face
but my mind hasnt opened up yet
the faces are empty now
and shadows are fake
i turn back and see life's betrayal
now am living for life's sake,
where have i lost it all
where do i begin now?

A side of me i didnt know!

Living a life of restless agony
of bygone days and deceiving distress
the tears have lost the taste
the mind's in shackle and body cold
the sanity is lost, and wisdom gone
for what does this existence persist
for what shall the mind believe in
there's jus a self-locked perpetual
struggle for a belonging
and there's nothing inbetween
and nothing ahead...

Wednesday, 13 June, 2007

No mood for 'moods'

Picture this! You've got a handful of pointers to explain to your readers... (well am talkin abt writing for a topic as critically sensitive as condoms and related stuff), wat would you when you cant jus make ur mind think abt writing in a manner that would actually convey the message and make sure its 'sexy' enuf to keep the reader hooked?!!

Hell, its bloody tough i say!!
Am sitting here writing something abt 'seducing tips' and my mind has gone blank from the continuous thought process of writing raunchy stuffs for the past coupla days! Now even i set my mind to write something 'atleast' for the sake of it, wat do i really write anyway?? Its taken me two days to write a chunk of copy, and after heavy filtering, am still left feeling i've got a hell lot to write. Makes no sense.

It was quite thrilling initially but when you've passed that phase of excitement, its down to basic 'work' anyway!! So am off to work, again. :(

Tuesday, 12 June, 2007

my first little step...

Ok i've got my new blog account but i really duno why i've created this little thing for.. anyways, here i go!
oh btw... black is my color, the blog's gonna be my reflection (hopefully!!) :D

So until the next one, here's blindwreck signin off...