Tuesday, 29 July, 2008

Oh My Love - Pet Diary Part I

Time flies. Period.

And yesterday particularly, time flew and stood still at the same moment when i entered the house. I witnessed one of the cutest inventions of god - a labrador retriever pup! A 45-day-old fawn colored male pup in the middle of the hall was waiting for my arrival, cutely bundled up in a big white satin ribbon and a small brown satin around its neck. He's my cutest and precious birthday gift ever.

I dropped my bags, rushed to him and grabbed him. I didn't quite know what exactly i should be doing with him. I hugged, kissed, cuddled and petted him and still i wasn't sure where to begin. I was too excited. I was thrilled to bits. I was cuddling him over and over again, and then i realised what i terribly missed. I kept him down, rushed to elvis and gave him a tight kiss. Love him loads. He deserved it. After all, without him, nothing would have been possible. He had given me the cutest gift ever, a new member in our family.

All the exhaustion i felt flew away. I couldn't put him down. I couldn't even change my clothes. My excitement reached its peak. Leaving him down was such a bad idea. He was equally excited to have a new person cuddle him and hold him. He kept nibbling at my fingers, dress, my neck - gosh, simple pleasures of life. I realised one such was this.

After an overdose of petting and cuddling, i finally put him on the rug and he blissfully went off to sleep. Awww... what a sight! Take a look.

And then began my duties as a mother (ahem! that's how i felt actually). I prepared some cerelac and woke him up to feed him. My my... poor thing had been left hungry since noon and the moment it smelt food, he was all over the bowl with his face, nose. legs into it. That's the way they learn i believe. He was walking around the house with his wobbly feet and sniffing things around. Too cute. After his fill, within seconds he was circling around the hall to find 'the' spot for relief, and he was out with it. Too soon.

Little did i know what was in store for me the whole night. Poor thing is yet to receive his vaccination and de-wroming session and because he hadn't received he was searching for spots all through the night!!! And elvis and i were busy cleaning up the room every 20 mins.

Elvis brought him into our room and made a makeshift bed for him and placed a cloth inside. He cuddled in for a while but was restless most of the night. New place, new people and an upset stomach. Damn, he must have felt so lonely. But i guess it was the *motherly instinct* in me that made me keep a check on him every now and then. Elvis and i were trying to finish off an incomplete project and that kept us awake for a long time. And all the while i made sure our new baby was kept warm, cozy and comfortable. He slept on my lap while i worked on the comp.

Finally, it was my time to retire and i was dead beat by then. It was almost three when i went to bed. Phew! "Just the first day", i told myself but all the same it was damn exciting and he was just beginning to get used to us and the place. Elvis says he would take atleast 3 days to get used to the place. Poor thing. I just hope he doesn't fall sick. He's too precious for us now.

Oh btw, we haven't named him yet. We are still considering some cool and funky names for him. Not definitely something like jimmy, jikky or rambo!! If you can come up with some "oh, that's it" kinda names, do send in. We need to name him asap.
Some of my picks are:
- dash [elvis doesn't prefer this though :( ]
- frey
- bosco

Friday, 25 July, 2008

My Chemical Storm

When you walked in front of me
With that look in your eyes
I was losing my insanity
And shedding my disguise
The silky luster in your hair
Puts the sun god to shame
Watching your lusty sway
I became your mute tame

A special bond was born
I was falling on my knees
Is this the chemical storm?
I could hardly believe
Tossing and turning
I was losing all my sleep
I wake up in the night
Damn! It was all but a dream!

Note: It's the guy who is imagining stuff and having dreams! No crooked thoughts pls! :D

Thursday, 17 July, 2008


Is there something wrong with me?
people are funny,
'they' say I'm crazy!

I try to impress
'they' say i need to be 'me'
I try to be normal
'they' can happy never be

I wonder and wonder
why things go wrong
'they' push me to the corner
and want me to be strong

I want to break free
and set things right
but all that 'they' do
is to fight, fight, fight'

I lose my control
i lose my mental frame
'they' talk behind my back
and call me insane

Now, tell me my friends
is there something wrong with me?
people are funny,
'they' say I'm crazy!

Wednesday, 16 July, 2008

Strings of Life

Riya could never be alone
her mind could never rest
thoughts kept serenading
her tiny fragile mind

she always smiled, her best weapon
she had never shown her tears
he had taught her to be strong
and he is the center of her world

his sweet talks would amuse her
his broad shoulders, her only support
she would keep retelling his stories
to her only companion, her brown diary

she would dance and sway
to the tunes of his songs
he would laugh and rejoice
and whisper lullabies in her ears

she would adorn and wait patiently
every day by the door
he would rush back home with a rose
to see the smile on her face

many years went by
and their love grew strong
somewhere in the corner of her heart
she knew she was soon going to miss him.


Ajay could never sleep
without a tear in his eyes
always thinking about her
and her lovely little ways

he wanted to do so much for her
color her world and fill her with love
he could sing and laugh to see her smile
he knew he would never be the same again

he would rush back home
with a rose in his hand
to see her smile that
lights up his world

he wanted to hold her tight
and protect her from the world
he would go to the ends
to see her live by

he now wants her back
from the clutches of AIDS
he could never live alone
and be the father of a dead.

Gist of the poem: The heart-wrenching realities of AIDS affected and infected victims. A father growing his motherless daughter and fighting to keep her happy until her last breath. His 10-year old daughter, an AIDS victim, has nothing in her world but for her father and the disease which has sealed her fate.

Note: Sadly, unlike the divine love shared between the father and his daughter here, realities have bitter stories to tell. Thousands of children are abandoned in the streets after being diagnosed with AIDS. Who are to be blamed? What wrong have they committed? The answers are bleak. This is a small dedication to all the AIDS affected children in the world who long for only one thing - your love. Your time and love can make a world of difference to them, at least as long as they live.

Tuesday, 8 July, 2008


After years of research, yours truly has come up with some stunning facts about the inane human race and their behaviours. This piece of work would prove highly important and easily relatable for the common man who would otherwise think humans are actually intelligent!

Below given are some terms and their definitions that can give you a clear picture of the true state of a simple innocent man.
  1. Mental block – A point of mute submission to mind’s silence when you try to think about something and that something never comes anywhere close to your mind.
  2. Inertia – A state of being when there is sh** loads of work to do but you remain biting your nails, scratching your head or withdraw into a state of mental block (refer point no. 2 for the meaning).
  3. Procrastination – An act of putting ‘it’ over for the next day/hour so that you can continue doing the above two.
  4. Diligence – Moments of acute attentiveness when your colleague borrows your pen to sign an ‘important’ document and your eyes stay glued till it finds its place back into the pen holder.
  5. Hard work – The effort put in every single hour which fetches you extra food coupons by the end of the month.
  6. Appraisal – An eyewash in the form of currency to cover up for the losses incurred by you.
  7. Lunch break – The only time of the day when you can sincerely work hard (refer point no. 6) to earn the rewards in the form of kilograms.
  8. Tea break – Additional free minutes served with a cup of hot coffee/tea to bring you back to reality.
  9. Writer’s block – A ‘writer’ who cannot but convince himself that he is suffering from an ailment that nobody but himself can cure it after hours, days or even months of mind probing to pen down something that he thinks is worth a read.
  10. Meetings – An ‘official’ get-together where one gets to speak and the others are automatically tuned to snooze mode.
  11. Targets – A deadly combo of running short of time coupled with your girlfriend/boyfriend waiting at the theatre with movie tickets.
  12. Salary slip – A printed proof of your joblessness at office.

Writer’s note: Readers are requested to regard the terms and their definitions on a lighter vein. Applying it in your daily life (quoting point no. 7 and 10) could lead to serious repercussions. ;-) The writer holds no responsibility for the same. ;-)