Thursday, 21 August, 2008

Me - The Uncut Version

A verrrrryy delayed response to Pointblank’s tag game. Also tagged by Sansmerci. So here's the uncut version!

I am: your worst nightmare. Trust me, I can be your cuddly lil teddy bear or a complete devil incarnation!

I think: a truck load of things. Mostly crap, unproductive stuffs that also sometimes make sense.

I know: that some things ARE meant to be, no matter how much you struggle to fight.

I want: peace of mind (merci, I go with you on this!)

I have: almost everything and yet feel I got nothing

I wish: there’s a simpler way of looking at things

I hate: backbiters and chauvinists

I miss: (at present) my home and my parents; using my freedom the right way

I fear: truth and indifference

I feel: lost, weird and helpless

I hear: screaming voices inside my head, trying to break free

I smell: emptiness

I crave: for attention

I search: for my dreams in an empty land

I wonder: how long can I hold on

I regret: everytime I fail, everytime I lose others’ trust in me

I love: to watch, to observe

I ache: when someone needs me and am helpless

I am not: definitely who you thought I am

I dance: only when my heart can convince my legs to the floor

I sing: when I know I really can

I cry: when my heart feels the pinch, that’s almost for every goddamn reason (excuse maybe?)

I don't always: like to give in easily

I write: when something’s itching to get outa me

I win: cos I hate losing

I lose: when you know something inside me is dying

I never: make the first move (yeah I know that’s being egotistic but heck, that’s me!)

I always: wonder and ponder

I confuse: others very well :D

I listen: to things that I can relate to

I can usually be found: on the phone and sms

I need: my husband by my side and everything else to make life worth living; to be felt as a special someone; others to look up to me

I am happy about: having had a great family all my life

I imagine: doing things my way

I would like to tag: guess most of you all are tagged so I’ll tag


January blossom

Praveen and

the newbie multimenon

Wednesday, 6 August, 2008

What’s in a Name? - Pet Diary Part II

There’s been a delay to post this thanks to my work load, I don’t get a moment free. And what’s better than blogging from office? No, am not writing this from workplace but perched on my bed after a sumptuous dinner. Sometimes it feels great to have just curd rice with a variety of gravies, yumm!!

It’s been nine days since my baby (read pet) stepped home. You might ask what’s with nine days. Well, nothing. Just that he’s been here for a while now to call him a legal part of the family, don’t ask me how legal. It’s just that way! Let’s not get deep into that now!

Ok now to the purpose of this post. The NAME. Let me first thank all those who suggested some lovely names, and yes sansmerci that includes your suggestion too. After calling him ‘Steiner’ for a while, we were kind of finding it uneasy to address him like that. At least I did. I just couldn’t blurt it out to call him. Then came in lots of suggestions and opinions and lots of “how about this?” and “how about thats”!! I dropped the idea of suggesting any more names. Steiner it is, I sulked! And then one fine day when I returned from work, elvis and aunty threw in front of me the final options! I was glad. Anything other than Steiner was fine with me. Am not giving the options here, I’d rather tell you the name we finalized. We christened him MUFFIN. Yes, you got that right, that fluffy light golden brownish creamish sweet bakery stuff. Well, that’s exactly what was in our minds. He is everything a muffin could possibly be – the color, the fluffy texture and absolutely sweet (not quite literally), all of this in a living form.

Why I mentioned that it’s been nine days is because he still hasn’t adapted to us calling him muffin. He hardly even responds. We have to whistle, clap and call him everything along with “muffinnnn… muffyyyy” and the likes!! I have a strange feeling he doesn’t like his name much. Well, I guess time will tell whether he would respond to the call or not. Else, we have a tough time ahead!!!