Wednesday, 30 January, 2008

Intoxicating me

Ok this poem is slightly out of the ordinary, not my kinda thing but yeah i guess i was needing my dose of 'moods', if you know what i mean ;) ehm! So here you go, have fun and all your precious comments are most welcome!

Under a dark and dreamy moonlit night
You walked past me like a shimmering light
Your body so tantalizing, oh I could see
I still hold your image deep down inside of me

You held me close to you in my wicked dream
I knew in ecstasy I could almost scream
I breathe into the lustful scent of you
You touched my soul, I’m stained by you

Your soft skin whispers miracles into me
Your eyes drown me into an ocean deep
So seductive the way your body moves
Every inch of me giving in to the groove

Your luscious lips teasing over my skin
Tormenting, getting lost deep within
Your gentle kisses levitating me above
Exciting, enthralling we are making love

Come, shower me your desires onto me
Let me take you to the world of dark fantasy
Move it down, take it slow, this is where I wanna be
Oh baby, can’t you see, you’re intoxicating me!

Sunday, 27 January, 2008

Would you?

What would you do
when you want to
smile but tears are
the language you speak

What would you do
when you want to
scream your worries off
but sighs are all that you breathe

What would you do
when you want to
sleep in blissful ignorance
but realities are the dreams you see

What would you do
when you want to
hold another hand
but empty space is all that you feel

What would you do
when your eyes search
for the perfect one
but endless road is what lies ahead

What would you do
when you want to
set yourself free
but on emotional path is where you tread.

Wednesday, 23 January, 2008

Master of the game

Like a wanderer in this frenzied world
Walking along the path of the nomad
A spirit held tight, and the face all wrought
Dragging along to the end of the world
To reach a destination so mystical
The crawling now gives birth to a limp

Dark shadows eclipse the reflections
Of the wicked master of the game
Disappearing into an abode of dreams
While nightmares are the color he spreads
An illusion blown away to mere dust
An illusion never to be seen, never heard

The sea, heavy with tides, dark and deep
The four sides wrapping warmth within
Dark steely nights to glorious golden dawns
Magnificent greens to the dithering clouds in grey
This is where you breathe, this is your life
Rest while you can, for your journey has just begun.

Friday, 4 January, 2008

Living life less?

Forsaken identities
or forbidden dreams?
Knotted illusions
or fake smiles?

Loud obligations
or silent pretensions?
Wide open arms
or widening insecurities?

Thoughtful misdemeanor
or blinding instincts?
Screaming dark lies
or deep hidden truths?

An aching heart
A regretful life
Mistaken realities
And empty dreams

Living life less
or lifeless living?

Wednesday, 2 January, 2008

The genesis

“God, this hurts” whined the heart. “This pain is unbearable.”

“Oh, just shut up, will you? If you can’t take it then don’t do it”, retorted the mind. “There was no need for it.”

“Well, what do you understand about pain and hurting? All you do is just sit inside that damned brain and pass on those horrible signals which are of no use. It doesn’t matter anyway now.”

“Oh sure it does. All that you’re talking about isn’t just the product of your lousy feeling alone mister. I work day and night for you, for this body that carries you. You don’t talk about my work here. Let me tell you something. You really need to learn to live and to rationalize my friend”, fumed the mind.

Amused by the thought of ‘rationalizing’, the heart replied “Well, that’s definitely not my kind of work. I guess I am doing what I am asked to and it’s really killing me. Why can’t you, for God’s sake, just stay quiet and let me just move on? Who’s asking for your opinion anyway?”

Undeterred, the mind replied, “You know, I am here in this body to tell you where you’re going wrong and where you should correct yourself. God’s given me this abundant power to guide you and tell you what’s worth in life. What you’re doing right now is definitely not the right thing. You’re just ruining yourself. You’re ruining my life as well.” The mind continued. “You see, these thought processes that are happening in me aren’t quite normal now, and I just can’t focus properly. Do you know why? That’s because of you. You’re selfish, you don’t want to think about others, all that you can think about is you, yourself.” The mind is deeply disturbed. Though nothing was intended, every word that it spoke turned out to be bitter and painful. The mind continued in a grave tone. “Take a look around heart, do you see the damage you’ve done? If you truly realize and take responsibilities of your action, then probably, PROBABLY, you will know what needs to be done.”

Not stirred by the emotional storm of words, the heart cynically retorted, “Listen Mr. Mind, all that damage you’ve been talking about isn’t the result of ‘my’ selfishness and action alone. Well, where exactly do you think you fit? Playing it all safe by burdening me with the responsibility of ending this, isn’t it? You sure got the way of talking I should say! Every decision I’ve taken, you’ve been there. Every time I wronged, you’ve been a reason too. Every time I wished, you’ve held me back. Now you say I am at fault. Do you really think you can get away with that?” The heart slowly began gasping for breath. In between the heavy spasms, it continued. “You know, all your life, you’ve done just one thing – talk. Talk me into agreeing with you. All we’ve ever done is argue, over a million odd things. The heart chuckled, “To say the least, we’re doing just that even now”.

Outside, the room was creeping into stillness. The only sound that broke the silence came from the girl who was silently shedding her tears. Her last tears. Her blood, deep as scarlet, trickled down her veins staining her ivory lace skirt, the skirt she loved flaunting. She let out a weak smile as the stream of blood slithered further down to the floor. She closed her eyes, remembering her last birthday.

He was holding a gift-wrapped box neatly tied with a red ribbon. She was so ecstatic. It was a beautiful ivory lace skirt. She loved it immensely and wore it the entire day, happily telling her friends how beautiful the skirt was and how much she loved it. He was glad she loved it. That day he had said he loved her. She still wondered why everything came to an end, why the love ceased to exist.

Inside, the mind tried to bring the thoughts to control and spoke to the heart, “Look what’s happening. The blood is all around now. Why have you done all this? You’re sure going to pay for this. This is all a joke for you, isn’t it?”

The heart gave out a long cynical laugh and said, “Joke! Life’s a joke, isn’t it my friend? You know, I realized it’s time we put an end to this joke. It was getting too sour.” Like a dagger piercing through every time, the heart spoke “You don’t feel the pain, I do. So let’s not argue anymore. I am tired.”

Darkness clouded inside, words were reaching like a faint echo; the mind raced intently trying to get a hold. With great uneasiness it spoke, “Alright, listen to me. Call up the doctor now. You still have time.” Amused by the thought of calling a doctor, the heart chuckled again. “A doctor? What for? To put on his stethoscope and read my beatings, put me on those stretcher wheels and take me into that dreaded room? I’d rather die. I hate doctors.”

“So stubborn” thought the mind. “Don’t show such disregard to me, to your parents, your friends, and your lover who loves you so truly. You hold his heart in you, why do you want to end it all? You’re hurting yourself just too much. This is unnecessary.”

“My lover?” spat the heart. “I wish I could call that any longer. He’s taken it away. He’s taken it all back. Do you see this empty space? Well, that’s his gift to me. It’s over now my friend”, the words came out with great pain, the a weak smiled passed its lips as tears rolled down.

“You deserve something better heart. This is definitely not the right decision you’ve taken. There is no one who can understand you better than I do. I am with you. For me, for this body that owns you, listen to me please. Call the doctor”, the mind pleaded.

“You’re with me? You’re the only reason I am suffering this today. You’re the only reason why I let him go. I am empty now because of you and I am going to end this all because of you. This is my gift to you my friend”, smiled the heart.

“No, please don’t do this. Why don’t you understand, you have better reasons to live for. Let’s forget everything and start over anew.” The mind tried to convince the heart, breathing every word with great difficulty.

The heart pumped very slowly. The mind could hardly keep itself calm. Both were suffering in silence. “You shouldn’t have done this”. This time the heart could only hear the faint echo of the mind. “I loved you.” The heart smiled and replied “I loved you too but I cannot bear this pain anymore. Forgive me mind, you’ve been a great friend. But this one had to end. Let’s part as friends. I wish to meet you if I ever come alive in someone.”

Suddenly, there were voices heard outside. Many were screaming out in disbelief, many crying. The body lay lifeless on the floor, covered in a pool of blood. One frail voice was heard, “somebody please call the doctor”, crying and trying to move the fragile body out of the pool of blood.

A weak smile passed through the lips of the heart. “So long mate, it’s time for us to part. Goodbye.” The mind could not register a single word the heart spoke. There was just darkness around and nothing seen or heard.

By now many had gathered in the room. Many voices were heard, and many crying.

For one last time, the heart closed its eyes and cherished all the moments of its life, remembering everything that it could in a split second and surrender silently, with a weak smile on its lips. The mind, unable to withhold any longer, lost in the darkness of thoughts, uttered its last words, “You shouldn’t have done this my friend, you shouldn’t have” and gave in to eternity.

The eyes closed. There was a long silence inside. Everything went still. The heart gave in to its last beat, and then it stopped. There was silence, a silence that could never be broken again.

The heart and mind united in harmony, beginning the journey to a land of perpetual silence.