Friday, 31 October, 2008

Fighting back... over and over again

I kinda feel lost. feel blazed out, yeah? is that the word? i duno. i had written this a while ago n never bothered to post it. suddenly i felt the need to post it and here it is, for the sake of me. my monsters are at work again... think they love me to bits ;) never mind, i love them too... as long as i manage to survive them u know. i want to write... write like many of you'll out there, but something's really holding me back n i jus succumb. swar says its a phase. i wonder how often does this take over. i should be a patient then. can never be a blogger. that's evident now. i write some crap n move on... and it would've been ages by the time i put up my next post. its funny. its weird. hell yeah, its me... back again!!! :D

Time and again
things creep back
today, now and forever
pain carries the color of black

why do i still see you there
sitting alone and pondering over life?
c'mon now, life has just given you a call
wake up, stand straight, you got a lot to face

"worry not", did i just say that?
oh why not, i have my reasons you see
kept jumping up and down all the while
now i want to rest, now its a plea

did i just listen to the sound of the waves?
or did i hear the sweet melodies of the birds?
oh i was just dreaming in my own dreamland
i hate this vision, i only feel cheated

where is the sun? where are the little stars?
come, lift my spirit and light up my senses
dazed by the obscured madness of the world
i run... run to find the meaning of it all.

Friday, 17 October, 2008

Blog Action Day 2008

Ok I'm two days late for this... but its always better late than never :D :D what say?? Today, errr... day before yesterday (15 october 08) was Blog Action Day where bloggers/sites around the world will publish, donate, or promote the issue of poverty. So here's my part :)

This post is part of Blog Action Day '08 - Poverty.