Monday, 12 May, 2008

Good. Better. BEST.

Am back... and with a bang, after a long struggle! Yes, the old me is fading off and a new person is being born in me, well quite literally! To all those who are wondering what's happening, here's the fag end of my bachelorette life. Yes, the guesses are right (i mean what more could it mean other than that!!). i'm engaged to be married next month! :)

Though there has been enough chaos and confusion over the past coupla weeks, the wait is finally over, and worth it too. I AM getting married and to the person i love. Yeah, it hurts at times to think of how my past was... i wouldn't say it was bitter, but the word that best fits would be a "learning experience" or rather "an experience which taught me several things in life". Anyways... things pass, and so has this. Now i'm really looking forward to make a 'family' of my own - i had dreamt of it for so many years, now the idea seems to be taking form, in fact it is taking up a form and i'm really happy about it. For those who really know what struggle it is for a woman to come to this point and feel elated, they'd really know what i mean! It's a phase i believe! It's all clearing up and i'm so very much looking forward to my wedding day. It's going to be one hell of a trip... my journey towards a married life. I'm celebrating it all by myself and with my would-be. I'm having all kinds of feelings now, mixed feelings as they call it, i suppose. It's funny at times and sometimes scary too but nevertheless i guess its all worth it. So here i am trying to evolve myself from the ashes to finer things in life. Congratulations to me! Wishing me a happy married life!

Note: This would most probably be my last blog before i get married. The rest that follows, if it does, would be after my marriage. So here i am my friends, the last part of me. Ciao!