Monday, 18 June, 2007

A side of me i didnt know!

Living a life of restless agony
of bygone days and deceiving distress
the tears have lost the taste
the mind's in shackle and body cold
the sanity is lost, and wisdom gone
for what does this existence persist
for what shall the mind believe in
there's jus a self-locked perpetual
struggle for a belonging
and there's nothing inbetween
and nothing ahead...


sansmerci said...

awesome baby .. u spoke my mind .. some ppl do live for sake of it ... heart breaks ... but undfortunate brain is the controling .. wat a bych .. i think brains a heartless b*****d

blindreck said...


Francisco d'Anconia said...

bygones are lessons - to learn from.

my bygones showed me the affection my parents had for me - they gave me the strength to fight through death and fight through life - be strong - not for anyone - for yourself.

create a life of your own - by your standards.

Anonymous said...

boy! I am not sure where you got the time to think about all this...rock on!

~lucif3r(Banished from Heaven)

blindreck said...

@ francisco...
if being strong for oneself was that easy, every person in the whole wide world would be living a harmonious life! there are at times in life wen u feel u've lost everything, if you arent one of them you're one lucky bum.. but it may not be so for all!!

@ lucif3r(Banished from Heaven)
wat's there to think abt all this?? its experience that speaks not time...;)

Anonymous said...

Thinking about life too much so as to put in in words - my head hurts even to think this :-)... maybe I have a very good built-in filter to phase out all bad stuff!

-luc1f3R (Banished from Heaven)

blindreck said...

@ luCif3r
u r damn lucky then! ;)

francisco d'anconia said...

being strong is not easy my friend - i lost the most precious thing in my life - due to my own faults - i don't have a home waiting for me when i go back every evening from work - i am sure you have one. i had a dream - that is all i had - its lost. but i am alive - i don't see true love around me - everything is a farce - every face is false and everyone uses others - but i am alive - i know why? do you?