Monday, 18 June, 2007

Where do i begin now?

My thoughts are shattered
and words are broken
my mind's numb and heart's sore
tired of pretentious faces
my eyes search for the truth
my hands are reaching for you
there's blinding light upon my face
but there's just darkness inside,
where have i lost it all
where do i begin now

I see my silent stranger there
and hear the sweet whisper in my dreams
i open my eyes and see the perfect face
but my mind hasnt opened up yet
the faces are empty now
and shadows are fake
i turn back and see life's betrayal
now am living for life's sake,
where have i lost it all
where do i begin now?


Anonymous said...

As much as I appreciate the poetic prowess, I feel it very hard to condone and comply with the thoughts of this little snippet.


blindwreck said...

Two people's thoughts can never comply with.. if that was the case, there wouldn be so much struggle!

Thanx btw...

sansmerci said...

i dono have good vocab (BIG WORDS)i mean like luci .. hehe .. but i wud say i foudn a fella poet now .. where were u all this long ... write write write somemore de

blindreck said...

poet?? :O that's big word!
ill keep writing some crap.. if that's wat u meant.. ull have loads of them here! :D

john galt said...

dear friend,

take a look at the book 'its not about the bike' by lance armstrong -
the truth, the true thoughts, the clear heart, the open - mind like an ocean - are all within you.
there is much to learn in this world - look at the birds, animals, plants, seas, waters, mountains around you - they are true. we are humans - we are distinguished because we can think - and so, we can change - everything and make things untrue - at the same time - there are those - rare ones among us - who can see through all the darkness and create things true.
to the question you have asked - you begin within yourself - there are numerous people who are broken and lost and commit grave mistakes and sins and yet, rise up to achieve great things.

blindreck said...

@ john galt
well said mate..
but those 'numerous people who have risen to achieve great things' need not necessary include me, rite?? and if i have to begin with myself all over again.. wat have i been all this while.. the existence barely can be called one!! doesnt make sense..

john galt said...

our past is not an indication of our future - its only a lesson - like the reason we study history.

when i said you begin within yourself - i meant - YOU will shape your existence - it doesnt come from anyone else - not from friends, parents or any others you love. for eg. if you might like photography, or paiting or poetry - follow it with complete passion - think of nothing else - and this will be true as you will derive your happiness from within - like being in love - without expectations. also, did you know lance armstrong had cancer all over his body and his girlfriend left him just about time he got cured - but we know him today as the greatest Tour-de- France winner!