Wednesday, 13 June, 2007

No mood for 'moods'

Picture this! You've got a handful of pointers to explain to your readers... (well am talkin abt writing for a topic as critically sensitive as condoms and related stuff), wat would you when you cant jus make ur mind think abt writing in a manner that would actually convey the message and make sure its 'sexy' enuf to keep the reader hooked?!!

Hell, its bloody tough i say!!
Am sitting here writing something abt 'seducing tips' and my mind has gone blank from the continuous thought process of writing raunchy stuffs for the past coupla days! Now even i set my mind to write something 'atleast' for the sake of it, wat do i really write anyway?? Its taken me two days to write a chunk of copy, and after heavy filtering, am still left feeling i've got a hell lot to write. Makes no sense.

It was quite thrilling initially but when you've passed that phase of excitement, its down to basic 'work' anyway!! So am off to work, again. :(


Santhosh said...

more like 'mood' backwards !


sansmerci said...

lucky @@@ ... talkin about seducin tips .. how bout endorsing traditionally arranged marriages forever ... find your soulmate happiness for life ... its like laufin at myself everyday at work .. lets exchange jobs !!

Santhosh said...

personal judgement in finding soulmates isn't working out it's kind of a stalemate.