Friday, 9 January, 2009

A confession, a poem and what follows a wedding, obviously!

A very happy and belated new year to all you out there! Hope its a wonderful wonderful new year for all! Hmm... i've been late, i know! I havent replied or responded to your lovely blogs, i know! I've almost stopped writing here, i know i know! I've been awarded and i've turned a deaf ear to it, not quite exactly... i was just late and lazy! I didnt even wish my bloggies a new year - very bad of me!!! So i lay down my confessions and ask for your forgiveness, will that bring a smile to ye all? I hope it does, pls say so! :(

Hell, its been a looong and winding couple of months for me and i almost thought i lost interest in blogging! Well, thats not the actual case u know, thank god! I've been itching to write for quite a while but i just couldnt sit down to write like a normally do. And partly i was on a guilt trip feeling miserable to have missed even reading my regular bloggies, leave alone writing one. I was worried if i would ever get back to blogging, so you can imagine the acute mental block i was in (excuse??) Well the reasons have been plenty and excuses even more :D I accept but it wasnt deliberate u know, it just so happened!

Alright alright, loads of crap talks! Blogging seems very new to me again... i've gone back to writing like a novice, not that i was a pro anyhow! C'mon every blogger feels that he has improved with time, isnt it? I just seemed to have gone back, duhh!!! Doesnt matter, I'll have my time! :D

So here i'm in this new year late by 9 days! Ok before i crap talk more, there's one great news i'd like to share with you, cos you all mean a great relief to me and i cant go without sharing it with you... how can i?? Ok here's the clue, read the poem below and you'll know, hopefully! :D

Over the ups and downs of my life
i came across this beautiful form
i knew the sun couldnt set anymore
its just beginning to dawn

i cried over it, i laughed over it
i tried yelling and sometimes i lay calm
tears rolled down in joy and came out agony
but the feeling was cozy and warm

130 days for the world to witness
the colorful rainbow to appear
ho, i just cant wait to hold and cuddle
the little one who will bring in a lot of cheer

is it a he or she, i dont want to make a guess
let the suspense break with a tear of joy
when i will hold my little angel in my arms
and forget knowing if its a girl or a boy!

Yes, i'm going to be a "mother" soon - on may 19th to be half precise! These due dates can be a lil deceiving! Elvis and I are having mixed emotions about our baby, all for good! We are quite concerned about the health of our baby and i even more. I've already started feeling her inside, she's bouncing about and i even felt her heartbeat (her? i need to provide some gender to the baby, right? lets just assume its a she for the time being, not that am against a he!!) Its a wonderful feeling but my work and lack of time leaves me with really very little time to spend with her. I sometimes even wonder whether i'm enjoying my pregnancy :( lucky are those who are not working, am sure they experience each and every bit of pregnancy! Hummpphh!! My advice: stop working atleast when you're into your 2nd trimester if you really want to enjoy this phase!! And trust me, hell loads of emotions play around you. At times you feel you're on top and at times you're dumped deep down. Its really undescribable! The worst part of the whole phase is the continuous dosage of multi vitamins! Guess nobody escapes that... so my advice again, eat healthy way from the beginning or atleast when you get engaged. All that you eat will reflect on your baby! And pls pls take good care of your whites. Have loads of calcium intake, your teeth will take a toss in pregnancy, EVEN if you've had no bad records before. I was careless before and now i've been advised to undergo a root-canal treatment :( Everything, trust me, everything counts! I have a feeling that am acting like a mother already but its just some words of caution for the women fraternity out there, esp when some weddings are on the cards [swar, hint hint!! ;)]

Presently am much at peace now. No morning sicknesses or any such. First trimester was quite a trouble for me as i was always tired and feeling sick and groggy eyed! But luckily i had no vomittings and didnt get bed ridden too. Thank heavens! But boohoo... i'm growing out of my clothes at lightening speed. Dresses arent fitting me anymore and i hate the morning rush to work. I wonder how i'll look in full term. I will prob'ly look like a balloon, hehe! Right now, i'm just beginning to show. My baby bump is getting prominent though i can pass off as an off-proportioned woman still... hehe! I feel funny looking at the image staring at me in the mirror. Its weird i tell u! Anyyyywayyyy... its all part of the package. My doc says the baby's pretty normal and healthy inside. That's enough and I'm happy.

So that's about the good news this year. I hope to keep my posts updated with all the happenings, inside and out! ;) So long, catch you guys soon enough. Wishing you all again a great year ahead. Love ye all... muaahs!

Sansmerci - I've been chatting with you quite regularly so i guess I can be excused for not reading or responding to your blogs :D I just did reply to two of your blogs though! Do i get the first place in your award giving ceremony? :P Hehe... jus kidding!! Thanks babe.

Multimenon - Man, you're the one who really made me feel so guilty. You've been such a sweetheart popping a msg in my last blog and buzzing me in fb and constantly checking on me. Really sorry for not responding to your blogs. I promise to be good :) And thanks a ton for the award!

Rest of you all - please dont ignore me anymore. Include me in your reading list again. I will try to be a regular, at least write some crap and pass off as a decently frequenting blogger! :D I feel good being back! Yahooooo!!!


MultiMenon said...


oh my god..!!??!!....das d greatest piece of news sne..the best for a loong loong time..Many Congratulations.. :D
I am sooo soo happy for you..Congrats to elvis too..kochu kallan.. :p

Hey,u din even give a hint during tht fb conv..?? :( never mind..Am lost for words actually..Yeah,am paying u a visit sumtym after am bak der,u permitting.. :)

thanks a lot for mentioning my name in the post.If I really have played a good part in making u feel guilty,sorry and am thankful too in a way.Its coza this(might be)that I see u bak in the blogosphere.. :)

Take good care of yourselves..

*HUGS sis..

Have a great weekend..


--xh-- said...

wow.. congratz.. and welcome back..

Blindwreck said...

@ multi
Of cos we can meet up! i'll be there for merci's wedding anyhow, try turning up for that! And thanks a lot for the wishes. Dont mention about me mentioning your name, you deserved it for the right cause!

Thanks again and take care :)


Blindwreck said...

hey xh,
thanks a lot! :)

swarbrat said...

yo baby! welcome bak and u better stick around here now! plz write a lot on pregnancy and stuff n educate ignorant ppl like me ... wat u ve written is all news tome .. n m really wondering how its gonna b :O

(and here's a lil secret... its gonna bring u hella lota new readers wen u write on this topic, trust me on this one!)

u kno wat ur refering to baby as 'she' here! and Elvis is referin to baby as 'he' on gtalk to me :P

and its high time u guys start thinkin of a name for the baby and let us all kno!

elluboy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Blindwreck said...

yeah i know! we've had a discussion on that once and decided that it can maybe wait. ahem! lets not dig into it! yeah he says a he n i say a she... doesnt matter, as long as its a baby and a healthy one too :) wat say?

MultiMenon said...

hunting down names ..aint it too early??give time a say on things na?and merci's excited coz she's gonna be the next.. :p

Blindwreck said...

Oh yeah, i can dig why she's so thrilled multi ;) I hope she joins in the bandwagon soon enough!! :D

Reflections said...


U seem to be having too much on ur hands. Try to take it easy.
Will be back to chk on U;-D. In the meantime keep us posted.

Blindwreck said...

Sure thing reflec.. nice to see u here! yeah, been having a lot of things in hand of late ;) trying to take it slow though... thanks for the wishes :) do keep visiting. i should be posting another one soon enough! :)

The blogger formerly known as Sansmerci said...

ai multinsne

wat the crap.. m not in for atleast a couplea yrs!

Nautankey said...

Wow great poetry folowed by wonderful lines to describe how it feels.. Congrats and all the besht

Blindwreck said...

swar :O coupla years??? thought u said otherwise ;)

Blindwreck said...

@ nautankey
hey thanks a lot and welcome to my space :)

MultiMenon said...

@merci--coupla years?? :p
lets c.. :D

spk100 said...


Thats amazing news.

Sorry, i havent been tracking any blogs for a while now and when i came back today to check out how you are doing, i saw this wonderful news :)

Congrats Mum and All the best to Both of you :)

I am sure you would make a good parent :)

Take Care :)