Friday, 31 October, 2008

Fighting back... over and over again

I kinda feel lost. feel blazed out, yeah? is that the word? i duno. i had written this a while ago n never bothered to post it. suddenly i felt the need to post it and here it is, for the sake of me. my monsters are at work again... think they love me to bits ;) never mind, i love them too... as long as i manage to survive them u know. i want to write... write like many of you'll out there, but something's really holding me back n i jus succumb. swar says its a phase. i wonder how often does this take over. i should be a patient then. can never be a blogger. that's evident now. i write some crap n move on... and it would've been ages by the time i put up my next post. its funny. its weird. hell yeah, its me... back again!!! :D

Time and again
things creep back
today, now and forever
pain carries the color of black

why do i still see you there
sitting alone and pondering over life?
c'mon now, life has just given you a call
wake up, stand straight, you got a lot to face

"worry not", did i just say that?
oh why not, i have my reasons you see
kept jumping up and down all the while
now i want to rest, now its a plea

did i just listen to the sound of the waves?
or did i hear the sweet melodies of the birds?
oh i was just dreaming in my own dreamland
i hate this vision, i only feel cheated

where is the sun? where are the little stars?
come, lift my spirit and light up my senses
dazed by the obscured madness of the world
i run... run to find the meaning of it all.


MultiMenon said...

hey sweetie...its as merci said,a phase and am sure someone as brilliant as you,will surely get over it..and am praying hard ketto??even tho i post des days,its not that am feeling great ippo..u musn have read stuff down thr i ges..I am finding life hard and am in neck deep shit!!but then,bein a optimist,deep down hopin tht things wud fall into place sumtym...

and pls dun say tht u can never be a good blogger..ppl like me who look upon you re really being given a wrong message of sorts and this is something i wudn take for one..OK??and yeh..dunya ever worry abt things sooo much ketto??we love you the way you are and wud prefer u being urself rather than trying to fit in someone else' shoes...

Look whuz talkin?? :p

sUnDaR said...

No one on Earth
Exists quite like you
And no one is able
To do what you do

The person you are
The talents you bear
Gifts that only you
Can share

Times when you've lost
Have been priceless too
The lessons contribute
To what makes you you

The rest of the world
Can't see through your eyes
Which is why your insight
Is such a prize

Blindwreck said...

hey multi,
wow!! you lift my spirit boi... thanks for that! and yeah i hope to get thru this so called 'phase' soon, lesse!! anyways thanks a lot... really :)

Blindwreck said...

hey sundar,
wow... brilliant! your lines are tat and beautiful. thanks for that bit... i needed that :) thanks for dropping by :)

sansmerci said...

yo awesome poem.. chek my blog n u wont find a poem in the last one yr or more.. i jus m not able to write poems nemore.. :( but m not giving up i keep writin some crap until i can write a good post like i used to :)

n gr8 words b4 the poem too.. now u tellin me that u cnt write eh.. u lazy bum.. jus type down everythin on ur head i think it make smore sense n more interestin to read than wat we think n write...the only way to get over writers block they say is to keep on writing... i din belive it till it worked for me...

Blindwreck said...

i really dont think that quite works. i don 'feel' it anymore, if thats how its supposed to feel. whatever.
anyway thanks baby for that lift up... it always helps u know! :)

spk100 said...

You know what, thats exactly the same thing i am going through as well.

bloody life all of a sudden has become a bit mysterious to understand.

awesome poem :)

loved these lines
where is the sun? where are the little stars?
come, lift my spirit and light up my senses
dazed by the obscured madness of the world
i run... run to find the meaning of it all.

ps: check out my version of the same stuff on ;)

Blindwreck said...

hey spk!
Will chk it out right away... i almost forgot i have a blog :O need to visit my own blog often i guess :D
thanks :)

Raji Krishnan said...

:O wen did u write that??? very baid.. shame shame on me...
cheer up girl.. you write gr8.. and am here to read even the shitty things you write.. he he.. am no better you know..

MultiMenon said...

hey sis..its been ages since i ve heard frm u..enthu patti??

ithu sheriyalla tto!!too bad.. :(

btw,women cut loose eh??oho??? :p

paavam elvis.. :(

MultiMenon said...

I have moved...

I had to take this step to ensure that ppl around(read parents,relatives and certain others)dun read into my space and hence make life difficult for me.Its already started in a small way for they are apprehensive of certain things and this is makin me uneasy.So I decided to take the plunge by bailing myself outta the old one and off to this one

see ya thr..

cheers!! :)

Blindwreck said...

hey multi,
sorry mon! i've been just lazy u know.. the usual self! :D no excuse there!!! will chk out your blog soon, wont promise when though! am soon coming up with a blog... hopefully soon enough before i doze off again!! thanks for all the wishes and care...ill be lurking around once in a blue moon!! :D so long catchya...

sansmerci said...

welcome to my blog to pick up a lil something for always being there for me :)

MultiMenon said...

You are check out.. :)