Wednesday, 6 August, 2008

What’s in a Name? - Pet Diary Part II

There’s been a delay to post this thanks to my work load, I don’t get a moment free. And what’s better than blogging from office? No, am not writing this from workplace but perched on my bed after a sumptuous dinner. Sometimes it feels great to have just curd rice with a variety of gravies, yumm!!

It’s been nine days since my baby (read pet) stepped home. You might ask what’s with nine days. Well, nothing. Just that he’s been here for a while now to call him a legal part of the family, don’t ask me how legal. It’s just that way! Let’s not get deep into that now!

Ok now to the purpose of this post. The NAME. Let me first thank all those who suggested some lovely names, and yes sansmerci that includes your suggestion too. After calling him ‘Steiner’ for a while, we were kind of finding it uneasy to address him like that. At least I did. I just couldn’t blurt it out to call him. Then came in lots of suggestions and opinions and lots of “how about this?” and “how about thats”!! I dropped the idea of suggesting any more names. Steiner it is, I sulked! And then one fine day when I returned from work, elvis and aunty threw in front of me the final options! I was glad. Anything other than Steiner was fine with me. Am not giving the options here, I’d rather tell you the name we finalized. We christened him MUFFIN. Yes, you got that right, that fluffy light golden brownish creamish sweet bakery stuff. Well, that’s exactly what was in our minds. He is everything a muffin could possibly be – the color, the fluffy texture and absolutely sweet (not quite literally), all of this in a living form.

Why I mentioned that it’s been nine days is because he still hasn’t adapted to us calling him muffin. He hardly even responds. We have to whistle, clap and call him everything along with “muffinnnn… muffyyyy” and the likes!! I have a strange feeling he doesn’t like his name much. Well, I guess time will tell whether he would respond to the call or not. Else, we have a tough time ahead!!!


sansmerci said...

Bet u cnt find a more perfect name for ths sweetheart..(unless ur considerin supramani) .. n its a surprise that elvis n aunty came up with it ... i thought it wud b u.. its jus so cute n unique..

n bout him not likin it.. u've already half perfected parenthood!

Hey hey atleast wen ur naming ur kid .. plz consider supramani :D

Blindwreck said...

Wat if its a girl?? :O you dont think before you tak, berry baed!!! ;)

maybe ill consider naming her donut ;) :P :D

Multi Menon said...

Cool name..MUFFIN..nice pick..

And reg the response.this hpns to be ur first pet? far as i kno,it wud take sum tym for it to get cozy with the new surrounds and all tht(one month or even more)and afta tht its gonna b fine..'Patience' is the key word here.. :)

and btw,thanks a zillion for dos pics..He looks cuuuutttteeee!!!!!! :)

Blindwreck said...

@ multi,
yeah my first pet n i have my own apprehensions! he's getting into a rhythm but i guess he needs more time to 'settle down'. yes, ill wait in 'patience'... thanks for your suggestions though! :)

sansmerci said...

if its a gal.. u def need to consider!

sansmerci said...

u've been tagged

Pointblank said...

awww! Muffin, muffy!!! soo cute!

By the way, u tagged buddy!

Multi Menon said...
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Renu said...

MUffin really sweet, my daughter always wanted to keep a met, but me:(, always so afrqaid of dogs, still my neighbours have a very big Labrador, and they keep telling me.its harmless, but me, so scared, wudnt step in a house with dog, and dogs dont like being kept locked:(