Thursday, 21 August, 2008

Me - The Uncut Version

A verrrrryy delayed response to Pointblank’s tag game. Also tagged by Sansmerci. So here's the uncut version!

I am: your worst nightmare. Trust me, I can be your cuddly lil teddy bear or a complete devil incarnation!

I think: a truck load of things. Mostly crap, unproductive stuffs that also sometimes make sense.

I know: that some things ARE meant to be, no matter how much you struggle to fight.

I want: peace of mind (merci, I go with you on this!)

I have: almost everything and yet feel I got nothing

I wish: there’s a simpler way of looking at things

I hate: backbiters and chauvinists

I miss: (at present) my home and my parents; using my freedom the right way

I fear: truth and indifference

I feel: lost, weird and helpless

I hear: screaming voices inside my head, trying to break free

I smell: emptiness

I crave: for attention

I search: for my dreams in an empty land

I wonder: how long can I hold on

I regret: everytime I fail, everytime I lose others’ trust in me

I love: to watch, to observe

I ache: when someone needs me and am helpless

I am not: definitely who you thought I am

I dance: only when my heart can convince my legs to the floor

I sing: when I know I really can

I cry: when my heart feels the pinch, that’s almost for every goddamn reason (excuse maybe?)

I don't always: like to give in easily

I write: when something’s itching to get outa me

I win: cos I hate losing

I lose: when you know something inside me is dying

I never: make the first move (yeah I know that’s being egotistic but heck, that’s me!)

I always: wonder and ponder

I confuse: others very well :D

I listen: to things that I can relate to

I can usually be found: on the phone and sms

I need: my husband by my side and everything else to make life worth living; to be felt as a special someone; others to look up to me

I am happy about: having had a great family all my life

I imagine: doing things my way

I would like to tag: guess most of you all are tagged so I’ll tag


January blossom

Praveen and

the newbie multimenon


sansmerci said...

good one! but i tagged u in the quirky tag .. not in this :P

Blindwreck said...

oh insult! :(

Praveen said...

there's a lot of things that would be in my list as well.

interesting list!

oh boy! thats a long long list of things to write... :D

Blindwreck said...

"there's a lot of things that would be in my list as well." - you mean common things??

just get it out! let's have a
look :P

Praveen said...

common things only.

mine can be found at u know where :)

Praveen said...

nice blog u got...loved the one on the pet...:D
and cool tag

Praveen said...

nice blog u got...loved the one on the pet...:D
and cool tag

Blindwreck said...

@ praveen
thank u :)

Praveen said...

ahh... 2 praveens :D

saw the email and was wondering why is u replying now :D


reminds me to change back to spk100 ;)

Blindwreck said...

@ praveen aka spk100
Yeah yeah u're better off as spk100! Identity u know! ;)

s.H.a.S.h.I said...

hmm.. great to knw u thru one single blog post.. :)
kewl blog..

Blindwreck said...

@ shashi
Thanks :)

Multi Menon said...

loong time...

busy eh??hows the puppy??

btw,thanks for those,but i ve reached my climax.this can't go on.Tho i dun give a damn des days,but it still feels bad.. :(

and reg the date,between the two of us,a simple reunion qualifies as a date..Got that?? :P

sansmerci said...

i gota surprise for you .. plz chek my blog :)

Blindwreck said...

Haha multi i get that! i hope you have a great time!

Dont lose heart boi... there are worst times to come. Ok, i'll take that back. Damn! i can get really bad at advising at times :D

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