Tuesday, 8 July, 2008


After years of research, yours truly has come up with some stunning facts about the inane human race and their behaviours. This piece of work would prove highly important and easily relatable for the common man who would otherwise think humans are actually intelligent!

Below given are some terms and their definitions that can give you a clear picture of the true state of a simple innocent man.
  1. Mental block – A point of mute submission to mind’s silence when you try to think about something and that something never comes anywhere close to your mind.
  2. Inertia – A state of being when there is sh** loads of work to do but you remain biting your nails, scratching your head or withdraw into a state of mental block (refer point no. 2 for the meaning).
  3. Procrastination – An act of putting ‘it’ over for the next day/hour so that you can continue doing the above two.
  4. Diligence – Moments of acute attentiveness when your colleague borrows your pen to sign an ‘important’ document and your eyes stay glued till it finds its place back into the pen holder.
  5. Hard work – The effort put in every single hour which fetches you extra food coupons by the end of the month.
  6. Appraisal – An eyewash in the form of currency to cover up for the losses incurred by you.
  7. Lunch break – The only time of the day when you can sincerely work hard (refer point no. 6) to earn the rewards in the form of kilograms.
  8. Tea break – Additional free minutes served with a cup of hot coffee/tea to bring you back to reality.
  9. Writer’s block – A ‘writer’ who cannot but convince himself that he is suffering from an ailment that nobody but himself can cure it after hours, days or even months of mind probing to pen down something that he thinks is worth a read.
  10. Meetings – An ‘official’ get-together where one gets to speak and the others are automatically tuned to snooze mode.
  11. Targets – A deadly combo of running short of time coupled with your girlfriend/boyfriend waiting at the theatre with movie tickets.
  12. Salary slip – A printed proof of your joblessness at office.

Writer’s note: Readers are requested to regard the terms and their definitions on a lighter vein. Applying it in your daily life (quoting point no. 7 and 10) could lead to serious repercussions. ;-) The writer holds no responsibility for the same. ;-)


--xh-- said...

ROTFL... so whn r u submitting ur research paper for PhD?
thnx for putting a big grin on mah face :)

Blindwreck said...

lol... am thinking of submitting this at the "university of confused professors" :D
am glad it made you smile... :)

sansmerci said...

nice pic babe :P

i wanted to write something but i think i jus got attacked by .. ur point number.. hmm hmm hmm fargat!

Blindwreck said...

insult! for this you could have just forgotten my url!! huhh...

danke hun!! >.<

Multi Menon said...

hehe..nice to read in ur stuff after an extended break...and this makes me think tho am not really gettin into the thick of it..

cheers.. :)

Blindwreck said...

thanks multi :) you'll know sooon!! :P