Thursday, 6 March, 2008

Remembering you!

The pain’s creeping all over my skin
I wash it away but the tears leave a stain
Do you remember me? Do you remember us?
But I remember your smile that spoke of pain

What have you done? Where did you go?
Why is there such silence in your breath?
Why have you left a scar in my heart?
It now bleeds and aches, do you call this death?

I tremble and toil with my surrogate thoughts
Tell me do you hear me, or am I alone again?
There is no way out and there are no doubts
I’ll leave you now, and in your thoughts I’ll drain.


sansmerci said...

thats awesome poetry! love it! but gal u shudnt b writing this now...

~Blindreck~ said...

wat do you mean?? i have my 'poetic licence' to write watever crap whenever, wherever! ;)

Pointblank said...

hey babe, after the porn-athon, back to dark poetry, eh?? u n swar thrive on this! pretty deep!

PS: Can I tag u once more? or wud it be too much??

~Blindreck~ said...

pointy point!!
edi ill kill u! not once more... am exhausted after the stint at sulekha already!!

--xh-- said...

taut lines of unrestrained passion...
:) good work...

Vik said...

Oh nice, I reckon you like poems eh? Another good one mate

~Blindreck~ said...

@ vik
yeah man.. i guess i seem to be liking poetry after all!! lol... thnx

@ xh
thanks! for stopping by too...

Anonymous said...

(pain,tears,scar, bleeding,aching..) is all I can expect from your poems, and it is getting a little too stereotypical..(save the one with the erotica..hehe)all i can appreciate is the poetic nature.


~Blindreck~ said...

@ luci
i wouldnt fake my feelings and there's no point in doing it! if they seem stereotypical to you, well then consider me so too. i can only write wat comes to my mind. period.

Anonymous said...

no one can be in perpetual grief...come on... get real.

I guess leading a comfortable life with a good job and a good circle of friends isn't pleasing the spotless mind..really "pains" me and aches my bleeding heart !

Atlast, I have learnt to use these words in a sentence!


~Blindreck~ said...

@ luci
If comfortable life means only a good job and good circle of friends to you, then i guess you're mistaken. there are much more to it. and who says am in perpetual grief?? jus cos my poems are dark, they dont necessarily have to mean am grieving all my life!

Cockroach said...

Nice poem Sne. But get some light to the dark.

It would be inspiring.


rOhit said...

This is incredibly beautiful.
I wrote a similar one some time back-

~Blindreck~ said...

@ cockroach
will try!

@ rohit
hey thanks, and thanks for stopping by n leaving a comment! will chk out ur poem rite away! :)

Pointblank said...

write smthg gal. why the long silence??

~Blindreck~ said...

@ point
jus a writer's block i guess!! :D
absolutely blank.. will update soon girl.. been busy at work!