Friday, 4 January, 2008

Living life less?

Forsaken identities
or forbidden dreams?
Knotted illusions
or fake smiles?

Loud obligations
or silent pretensions?
Wide open arms
or widening insecurities?

Thoughtful misdemeanor
or blinding instincts?
Screaming dark lies
or deep hidden truths?

An aching heart
A regretful life
Mistaken realities
And empty dreams

Living life less
or lifeless living?


sansmerci said...

Breathing vacuum Seeing darkness
Smelling water Hearing silence
Touching thin air ... A living without life!

~Blindreck~ said...

@ sans

~Blindreck~ said...

got it! :D
same as lifeless living.... nice!

sansmerci said...

tried reply poetry with poetry... awesome work de keep posting everyday ... but looks like u ve got into dark poetry now

~Blindreck~ said...

yeah feel... trying not to tho!
thanks babe.

Vik said...

I usually don't understand poetry... and this time around I did not understand much too :-)

Don't blame me for it; blame the 'mind' :-) :-)

Happy new years

Anonymous said...

nice work!


~Blindreck~ said...

@ vik
that's ok... most of the poems by others i dont understand as well... thanks for visiting and happy new year to u too!

@ esquire
thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

???? ithu than nala irruku blog la

~Blindreck~ said...


Pointblank said...

lifeless living indeed!

Cockroach said...

Hey I guess Neetu suggested abt publishing ur work...Hmmm...Now I think itz not a bad idea. Try. Really good stuff.

Not askin any permission from u, but I just added u to my blog too.


Sriram V Iyer said...

lifeless...hmmm, sometimes we are but left to our own devices.

~Blindreck~ said...

yup! :)

@ cockroach
hey thanks da! i'd be

@ sriram v iyer
that's true! thanks for stopping by, i appreciate it!

@ all
sorry for the delay in replies... couldnt access my blog for quit sometime! thank once again for the lovely comments!