Sunday, 11 November, 2007

I wish...

I wish I could float around in the clouds and
noone to ask my why
I wish I could walk along the woods
with noone to stop me by,

I wish I could melt you heart
with words so true
I wish I could mend my heart and
start over anew,

I wish I could hide all my tears
under a pretty smile
I wish I could just stop crawling and
walk a mile,

I wish I would never need to cry and
show you my pain
I wish I could turn back time and
hold you in my arms again,

I wish I could bury and burn
all your worries
I wish I could just live by
holding on to your memories,

I wish I could always feel your
breath over my skin
I wish I could ask you to look into my eyes
and see you deep within,

If only all my wishes could ever come true
I would lay down by your side and
breathe my last words unto you.


sansmerci said...


~Blindreck~ said...

thanks babe :)

Anonymous said...

Can't comment on the theme but the choice of words is excellent!


~Blindreck~ said...

long time no see... thanks da :)