Friday, 26 September, 2008


Ha! This couldn't get better. To write random things about yourself. I liked the idea. Alright, let's get to the rules first as usual. Here they are:
  • Link to the person who tagged you
  • Post the rules to your blog
  • Write 4 random things about yourself.
  • Tag 2-5 people at the end of your post and link to them
  • Let each person you have tagged know by leaving a comment on their blog.
  • Let the tagger know when your entry is posted.

Thanks to Praveen who tagged me. So here you go, you asked for it :D

Randomness ranking 1: Am a sunny person. I dont like the rains and cold climate... gimme sun and more sun, ill be purring like a cat. Oh that makes me a proper leo for that matter. They say leos fall into the cat family tendency. No wonder! I guess its probably cos the rains in chennai really makes me sick. As in i hate the slush in roads, the dampness the weather carries, wet wet wet everywhere, moody and lazy climate, and of cos getting wet. Ewwwk. Had i experienced some classy rain (the US-UK type where the roads are clean n suff)... maybe, maybe i might have second thoughts. :D

Randomness ranking 2: I'm quite short tempered. Yeah, very short tempered rather. I lose my cool at the silliest of things if they tend to piss me off. How boring... i know! That causes half the troubles i carry on my shoulders. :D

Randomness ranking 3: I love watches. I like to collect as many watches as possible [if only i had so much money :(] I pick up from the local market that you get for few a hundreds or those that are really nice and classy that run to thousands :D

Randomness ranking 4: I like to observe people and study them. I get that quite naturally whether or not am moving with them on close counters. But the good thing is i dont judge anyone unless i really get to know them well. Well, phew i got atleast the last one good :D

So there you go. You learnt something about me today, quite randomly. Happy tagging along :)

And the people am tagging are:
wistfully yours - where the hell is she???


sansmerci said...

thnks baby .. too many tags comin up :) will add it too :d

the last point is absolutely rite bout u .. n i think wishfully yours has not done my tag that i gave her few months bak :P

Blindwreck said...

:D danke baby.
Yeah... dunno where she is. She doesnt even reply in fb... i smell something already!

--xh-- said...

:) nice random points...

spk100 said...

short tempered? thankfully i havent seen that side yet :D

u hate rains??? how horrible and mean you can be!!! i am very shocked with this :( :(

observe people? hmm.. i have seen that before.. is it natural or copied from the person who used to be sitting behind me ;)

Blindwreck said...

@ xh
Hey thanks :)

Blindwreck said...

@ spk
yeah its better you dont see my other side... you'd prob'ly never talk to me again :D

and you're shocked cos i dont like the rains??? huhh.... whats so mean about it :( ???

and yes am an observer... i havent copied it from ANYWHERE... baah :((

MultiMenon said...

nice one.. :)

ll take the tag mayb sumtym next week ok??thnks for taggin me anyways.. :)

Blindwreck said...

@ multi
sure :)