Friday, 25 July, 2008

My Chemical Storm

When you walked in front of me
With that look in your eyes
I was losing my insanity
And shedding my disguise
The silky luster in your hair
Puts the sun god to shame
Watching your lusty sway
I became your mute tame

A special bond was born
I was falling on my knees
Is this the chemical storm?
I could hardly believe
Tossing and turning
I was losing all my sleep
I wake up in the night
Damn! It was all but a dream!

Note: It's the guy who is imagining stuff and having dreams! No crooked thoughts pls! :D


Multi Menon said... it so??i thot it was the other way round.. :p

Blindwreck said...

@ multi
Nay my boi... restricted dreams you see!!! :P

sansmerci said...

mu ha ha ha

Blindwreck said...

ha ha ha mu! :|

Multi Menon said...

Your journey in life has passed another year today.Its a new year all along.May you be blessed with good health,wealth and cheer and may u live for many more years to come spreading positive vibrations and emotions to your near and dears..

Wishing you life's best on your birthday..


Blindwreck said...

hey multi,
thank you sooo much for the sweet wishes! :)